Tim Welch Elvis Tribute Artist

Tim Welch as Elvis


Traveling star and original Elvis of the All Shook Up Show! Number one Elvis used by Vegas to travel the world and do shows and promotions since 2000, also Elvis used by Southwest airlines, Spirit airlines, Allegiant airlines and US air to perform for all vegas bound flights and parties in their cities, booked by all agencies in Vegas for meet and greets and corporate parties and shows!

Tim Welch was born on December 11, 1964 in Columbus, Ohio. Tim moved from Ohio to California after a three year enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corp. While in California he attended the Police Academy. Afterwards he went to work for the California Corrections Facility.

This talented young entertainer is a self-taught musician with an extremely well-toned vocal range. He decided to follow his dream and became involved with numerous musical ventures. Although he was successful, he only wanted to follow his heart and emulate his boyhood hero Elvis Presley.

He moved from California to Las Vegas, NV in the mid 1990’s where he performs throughout the tri-state area.

Tim Welch has performed in some of the most prestigious showrooms in the Las Vegas strip. In most cases, his show is the main attraction. Since its inception, the “Tim Welch Show” has constantly been hailed by critics as “the most honest, tasteful, exciting and professional Elvis show in the states to date.”

Tim’s upcoming projects will include a Nashville recording session to produce a CD of Elvis’ biggest hits, and some independent projects that will be presented to major record labels.

“I do this show for two reasons: firstly, because I believe in what I do ? secondly, and most importantly, because I believe Elvis left us a legacy – the music and voice should and must be presented in the right light.”


Mr. Tim Welch will:

  1. Perform as Elvis from the time lines in Elvis’ life from 1956-1977. Shows will vary depending on arrangements.

  2. Provide a wide variety of stage costumes. All costumes will be replicas of originals.

  3. Will provide up to (3) 45 minute sets in a 4-1/2 hour time period. (Most openings only require (1) 45 minute set)

  4. Will act as Technical Support in assisting in stage set up and concert arrangements.

  5. Do any and/or all radio, TV, news interviews, spots, etc. In conjunction with arrangements with B & K Enterprises Costume Co., Inc. in promoting both show and display.

  6. Will provide sheet music, etc. if purchaser of show provides band. If Karaoke is performed, Mr. Welch will provide tapes, CD’s, etc. (If interchanges with other system.)

Notes: (A) Price for Mr. Welch and/or the Tim Welch Show will vary from state to state and country to country. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for price quote. (B) The Tim Welch show may be arranged with or without costumes display.  (Call for Details)

You will need to organize and/or supply the following:

  1. All round trip airfares for Mr. Welch

  2. Stage security.

  3. All publicity and promotional costs.

  4. All transportation personal

  5. All accommodations

  6. Interpreter – non English-speaking countries only

  7. If purchaser of show wants a live band, it must be provided by said purchaser. If Karaoke show, said purchaser must provide all professional equipment. (Over sea it is a must, if in states, it is negotiable).

  8. Up to 2-1/2 hours on night before show is open to rehearse.

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